Plumridge Self Storage

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Unit available now: Rooms available phone 01983856666 for latest updates.

Easy in, easy out terms.

Mail boxes are available at £144.00 p.a. or £82.00 for 6 months.

Our rooms:
Range of sizes
What can I fit in it?
2-3 unit
The smallest rooms.
25sq.ft. – approx. 6' x 4' by 8' tall.
This size is perfect for items of furniture and collections that have outgrown your home.
7 unit
The most popular choice.
40sq.ft. to 75sq.ft.
This will accommodate the contents of a 1 or 2 bedroom flat. 75sq.ft. equates to half the size of a single garage.
9 unit
For 2-3 bedroom houses.
75sq.ft. to 120sq.ft. – approx. 8' x 12'.
Heights are generous and with careful packing you'll be surprised what they can hold.
24 unit
For a larger family home.
120sq.ft. to 150sq.ft. – approx. 15' x 10'.
This is the size of a single garage and will store plenty of furniture and white goods.
27 unit
The biggest rooms.
150sq.ft. to 250sq.ft.
These rooms are all inside – and they're truly cavernous!
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