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Mail boxes are available at £144.00 p.a. or £82.00 for 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What will I need to get started?

A. Please call us up or fill in this form and we will let you know about availability and prices. You will need to provide one form of ID, pay a deposit (which will be set against your rental), sign a monthly rental agreement, and sign a standing order form (please bring your bank details). The initial payment can be by card or cash and all subsequent payments are by standing order. Once we have done the paperwork, you will receive our information pack and the key to your room. No padlocks need to be purchased as everything is included in the price. If you require 24 hour access to your outdoor unit a gate key deposit (refundable) will be required.

Our rental agreement can be sent by email on request. Please email

Please note: A room is not reserved until paid for and rent is charged via standing order per calendar month. An invoice will be sent to you by email.

Q. What is unique about Plumridge Self Storage?

A. Though essentially a simple business, we do continuously respond and adapt to the needs of our customers, and take account of any special requirements they may have - we go that extra mile.

Q. Who runs Plumridge Self Storage?

A. The business, the first self storage facility on the island, was founded in 1994 by Bob Plumridge. Despite being told it will never work here, the business thrived from the start. On his retirement, long-term Ventnor residents Alastair and Gillian Kennedy took over, helped by a team of helpful, friendly and local staff.

Q. What do private individuals store?

A. People use our facility to store all kinds of possessions, including hobby collections, family treasures, wine and collectables. The space can also be used for market/internet trading, as a workshop or toolroom, and as a general storeroom. Advantages include having all your goods in one place, with easier access than the attic!

Q. What do businesses store?

A. Businesses use our space for several reasons, include document archiving, and storage of tools, equipment, sales stock and trading stock.

Q. How much is a storage room?

A. That will depend on its size, but a rough guide is from 1 pound per square foot per month with no Vat.

Q. Do you sell boxes and tape?

A. We used to, but specialist packaging businesses on the Island sell them cheaper than we can!

Q. Is there anything I cannot store?

A. Common sense prevails. Please do not store hazardous or flammable goods, plants, animals, illegal items and illegally obtained goods. Also please do not store any items likely to emit odours or fumes.

Q. How do we unload our goods?

A. We can provide you with trolleys and sack barrows.

Q. I need a removal service, can you help?

A. Yes. We can recommend a removal or van hire service.

Q. How secure are the units?

A. We take security very seriously. We have floodlights, a comprehensive CCTV system and a 24/7 monitored alarm system.

Q. How do I reserve a room?

A. We will ask you to make your first payment to reserve your room. This payment will be proportional to how far we are through the month. For example, if your monthly charge is 50 pounds, and you would like to start half way through the month, then we will ask you for 25 pounds. Thereafter all payments must be made by standing order.

Q. Are there any extra costs?

A. Absolutely not, no deposit, no key charges, no padlock purchase and no VAT. The only exception is if you lose your key (then we charge 5 pounds).

Q. Is there a minimum rental period?

A. Yes. It is just one month.

Q. What should I do about insurance?

A. Plumridge don’t offer or provide insurance you will be given an Insurastore leaflet about insurance with your rental agreement.

Q. Can I access my goods at any time?

A. Yes. Please come as often as you like during our opening hours. There is no charge for this.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Payment is by monthly standing order. The paperwork will need to be in place by the time your rental agreement starts.

Q. What are your opening times?

A. We are open 6 days a week: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm and Saturday 8.30am-1pm. We are closed on Sundays.

Q. Can I see the room before I decide?

A. Yes, and we recommend that you do so! Please come and have a look anytime during opening hours when there is always a member of staff on hand to show you around and answer any questions.

Q. How do you keep your costs low?

A. We own our site, our overheads are low, and we have no performance targets winging their way from head office, nor any franchise fee to pay.

Q. I have another question…

A. Please get in touch. We will be pleased to help!

Q. How much notice do I need to give before leaving?

A. We require one week notice, given by email, phone or in person.

Q. Do I have to book in and out?

A. Yes, every visitor needs to be booked in and out by a member of staff due to safety and insurance requirements.

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